Effective immediately the current Alert-360 application will be decommissioned pending  the release of the next generation application, currently scheduled for the Fall of 2016.  The decommissioning will render your Alert 360 application non-functional.  For this reason we highly recommend that you de-install the Alert-360 application from your phone  and in the case of an emergency, call your designated local emergency services phone number for emergency assistance. We also recommend that you contact the people on your Alert 360 emergency contact list to make sure they also delete the application.

The good news is that the next generation Alert 360 application will have substantially improved battery life and will contain many of the features that our user community have requested. This including much simplified sign up processes and the ability to communicate with your emergency contact group at anytime, not just in emergency situations.

The Alert 360 application has been live and in use  across the globe by thousands of users.  This extensive and globally diverse experience has provided Alert 360 with the insight needed to build  an exceptional next generation product. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you that downloaded our app and hope you will rejoin the Alert 360 user community upon the launch of the next gen product.

Sincerely, The Alert 360 Team

Together We Can Make the World a Safer Place

Alert-360 is about people helping people. 

We empower engaged citizens to create safer communities through innovative technology.  The foundation of the Alert-360 System is an app that notifies first responders of the precise location of those in need of assistance.  The alerts are crowdsourced to other nearby Alert-360 users, providing them with enhanced situational awareness.  App users can also receive alerts when friends & family dial 9-1-1 from anywhere in the world, and get emergency help when travelling, even when they don’t know the local emergency number.  Among other features, the system can be used by individuals to enhance their own personal safety or by organizations & businesses to be notified whenever employees dial 9-1-1.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

During a typical medical emergency, response times play a critical role in patient survivability. When 9-1-1 is called, it takes time to route and connect the call, communicate incident details, and ultimately dispatch first responders the scene.  During this time the caller and a 9-1-1 dispatch operator are the only ones that are aware of an incident for an average of 10 minutes; however in some areas, response times have been as high as 58 minutes, as is the case in Detroit, Michigan.

Typical Emergency Call
Typical Emergency Call
Emergency Call Using Alert-360 Technology

Alert-360 Notification Engine

Alert-360 brings real-time situational awareness to communities by instantly crowd-sourcing the location of nearby emergencies to other Alert-360 users. When an Alert-360 user places an emergency call, other Alert-360 users in proximity to the incident receive an alert which is contextualized as a medical or public safety incident. A rapid network of potential witnesses is immediately created with the ability to provide critical information to public safety first responders.